This is a scam email I haven’t seen before, so I wanted to share. It tells you “mailbox almost full” and shows your email address near a bar graph, trying to make you think you’re about to run out of room in your email box! I had a client forward this to me, asking if we could clean up the sales email box. A few things stood out to me right away:

  1. We have unlimited size email boxes, so they can’t be almost full.
  2. They misspelled administrator in the “from” name.
  3. Our email is not handled by “”
  4. The message says “mail box limited exceeded” when clearly the graph shows there is still a little room left.
  5. In this particular case, the sales email address is a distribution list, not an actual mailbox, so even if we had limits, it couldn’t be full.
  6. When you hover over the link “INCREASE YOUR MAILBOX SIZE” it shows some strange website name that has nothing to do with our email provider.

So there you have it, another email to watch out for! I just like to share the new or uncommon ones, so that maybe you will think twice before clicking on any similar links in emails!

email says mailbox almost full

Click image above to see larger version.