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First, Antivirus software is a MUST. If you’re looking at this web page and don’t have Antivirus protection, please call us immediately! We offer the premium antivirus for a VERY reasonable cost, so price is not an excuse!  We have also removed malware and viruses from APPLE computers, please don’t think you’re exempt! The more popular Macs get, the more malware will be written especially for them.
Second, if you have sensitive data on your computers, you should be using more than just a single password to sign in. If your computer ends up in the wrong hands, that data is easily accessed unless it’s encrypted. We can help you encrypt your important information so that you don’t have to worry about that!


If you’d like to make your email address stand out from the rest, consider getting a custom domain for your business. Anyone can have, but we can help you get! There are no limits to how many email addresses you can create for your business! Email hosting is usually included when you own a site, we can help you set things up so that you can check your email from any device, and only delete or move mail into a folder ONCE, not again on every device! If you need your email encrypted or stored permanently and safely off-site, we can help you with that too. This is required for offices that need to stay HIPPA compliant.


If you need a website for your business or just for fun, we can help! Whether you have already purchased your domain name or not, the hard part is designing a professional-looking site and keeping it up to date. You want a website that is responsive, so that it looks great on every device. We can help you design and build a GREAT website that will project the professionalism your customers are looking for! (We built the site you are reading right now!)


We can monitor your computers remotely and receive alerts when you’re machines are running low on memory, hard drive space, or just having problems in general! Sometimes just knowing that little problems are happening can help us avoid a major hardware or software failure that will cost everyone more time and money.
We also provide remote control services, so that we can quickly come to your aid via the internet and resolve problems fast! It saves you time, and saves us some gas!


Our repair shop is fully equipped to repair or replace any part of a computer, and remove any malicious software that is giving you a hard time. Windows 7, 8, 10, OS X, iOS, Android, Chrome, no operating system is beyond our capabilities. We will get you back up and running BETTER than before!


Hard drives fail. It doesn’t matter what brand, what type, or how well they are taken care of. Eventually you will need to move your files from one drive to another, and the easiest way is BEFORE the hard drive fails, because sometimes the data is NOT recoverable. We can set you up with our fully-encrypted cloud backup, but we can also help you find other solutions if they are not a good fit. We can help you make sense of all the options, and explain why some services are better than others.